Starting from scratch

So I had a blog already, this is actually my third…yes third but I don’t count the first because I literally put zero effort. I literally made two post and got discouraged after a month because no one read them so bye bye it went. “No one told me blogging would be sooo difficult!!” Now the second one is a different story. I put work into it, I was actually starting to enjoy blogging. I think I got a little to happy/comfortable. I started remodeling trying make it feel more inviting. I tried to be fancy and add another blog into my already existing one and well I. Don’t. Want. To. Talk. About it. 🤦🏽‍♀️you see it wasn’t adding the second blog that was the problem it was trying to make them both public is where i managed to fuck everything up! Don’t ask how because hell if I know but I have one of two options. One continue to be pissed or get up and try again. After all they do say third times the charm right?? So with that being said

Hey guys!! welcome to Rolling with Kiki. I’ll be sharing my life both as a wheelchair user and most importantly as a Christian. I’m not perfect, far from it but Jesus is. It’s been a long road and has been far from easy but I’m happy to share where he has brought me from and who I am becoming🦋 I love that I gave my life to Christ when I did. In these 3years I’ve learned so much about myself. Two things I’m currently learning is what god himself says about me and what my gifts are. Thank you god for the gifts you have placed inside of me, thank you for paying me no mind when I swore up and down I wasn’t good enough. I hope that my stories and full, raw transparency help you in one way or another

Disclaimer: I do curse, there is this rule that Christians aren’t supposed to curse but God is still working on me.



Be The Bigger Person

I don’t know who needs to read this but …be the bigger person. I know no one is supporting your dreams right now but…be the bigger person. I know people gave up on you when you needed them the most but…be the bigger person. People have laughed at you, talked behind your back and kicked you over and over again while you were down but…be the bigger person. This is easier said than done, trust me I know. In fact this is something I currently struggle with. I’m constantly in a situation where I have to be the forgiver and to be honest I hate it. To be honest, there are some days I don’t give a crap what the Bible says. Some days I find myself telling God straight up I’ll take whatever punishment he gives me. Because I don’t always want to forgive, walk away or let something go. I want to argue back, be mean and hurtful. I want to laugh when they’re down and say something like “ that’s what you get.” I want to make them feel so small but two wrongs don’t make a right. Be there bigger person. If you’re anything like me then you’ve had thoughts like “ keep that same energy when I make it, they better not ask me for shit” Stop thinking that way. Also easier said then done. We are Children of Christ which means we are representatives of and for his kingdom. This doesn’t mean we are perfect but it does mean that we may have to go against our feelings sometimes even though we have every right to justify them. Nor does it mean we’ll never fail. But we must try our best to Albury from can you place of love. Jesus himself didn’t want to die on the cross but he did anyway. He had every right to get down and walk away. Or point fingers but he didn’t. He even knew that some of us would never love him back and still gave his life. So why can’t we do the same?? Why can’t we forgive no matter how wrong they may have done us? Why do we always need to hurt them 10x worse?? As hard as it is I’m learning the true meaning of “ Let go and let God.” Doing this is far from easy especially for someone with a temper but it’s sooo worth it. There’s no better revenge then when Jesus gets it for you. He tells people over and over again not to touch his babies because they’ll regret it. So my siblings, when we do make it wherever he wants us to be remember to be humble. Don’t fall into the trap of cockiness, bitterness, hatred and malice. Instead do the opposite. Rise above. Be genuinely happy, let go of your pride and let God be God!!

Remember each of our journeys are different don’t let anyone discourage you on yours!!! God can and will use people from all walks of life to help each other🤝 

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Invest In Yourself!!

Invest. When most people think of this word the first thing that often comes to mind is money. Want to be a homeowner some day? Invest in land. Want to be an entrepreneur? Invest in business and the most talked about is stocks. All of these things are good and I think we all should at some point in our life. But what if I told you that these aren’t the only things you should invest in. In fact I believe that before we invest in any of that, we should invest in something way more important and that is ourselves. You are worth so much more than material things. You are worth more than any car, house or business on this earth. Why? Because you my friend were created by God himself. When he created you he gave you your own gifts, dreams and purpose that only you can fulfill. Most of us had huge dreams for our lives as a child but somehow they died as we got older. It could’ve been because of your up bringing and the mindset you were taught to have , Society standards, your environment or the people around you. Be careful who you share your dreams with!! Not everyone wants to see you win. Some people will kill your dreams from the moment they hear about them including your very family. How do I know? Unfortunately this is something that has constantly happened to me as a child. Not just from my family but literally everyone around me. Everyone’s favorite question still to this day is. “ How? You’re in a wheelchair. ” Thanks for the reminder because even though I’m sitting right in front of you in it as you say that, I do have mornings that I forget. For years I allowed comments like these to affect me so much that I literally stopped dreaming. Even after giving my life to Christ. He would tell me to do things and I would always cancel myself out believing the lie of I’m not good enough. Until now. Unlike most people I’m actually grateful for this pandemic because it forced me to build my relationship with Jesus, to truly put my trust in him not on the things of this world. To find my identity in him and work on some of the issues and insecurities I have. It forced me to learn to love myself and not know that I’m pretty but believe it. This is an everyday journey but luckily I’m not alone. When I was 15 the lord blessed me by bringing my favorite person into my life. (I literally call him my favorite person) because he is. Lol. This man has impacted my life since day one. You see when he came into my life I was an angry, rebellious teenager who struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts. When everyone gave up on me he didn’t. When I gave up on myself he didn’t. When I fall he’s here to pick me back up. When I’m doubting myself he doesn’t allow me to stay there. He says I don’t but I know I annoy the hell out of him because ever since we reconnected I’m always in his DMs venting or asking questions. I promise it’s only because he gives AMAZING ADVICE. I mean the man should be a life coach, that’s how good he is. I’m not just saying that because I know him personally, I’m saying that because it’s true. Some of the things that I talk about on here are things that he’s personally walked wit me through or is still walking me through like today’s topic. Self love. As most of you know I grew up with a load of insecurities about myself because of my disability. I didn’t hate myself but I hated my life and had a deep dislike for myself if that makes sense?? His love for me reminds me of Jesus’s. Literally. I don’t understand it and definitely do not deserve it yet they give it so freely with no strings attached. The most they want is my love in return but even, on the days I may not be so good at it they love me anyway. And. I’m. Just. So. Thankful🥺

So, about self love. Obviously this is something I struggle or should I say struggled with. However, since he’s been back my self esteem has shot up tremendously. Especially within the past 2 months. My confidence is still a process but we’re taking it one day at a time. I wake up every day feeling beautiful even if my hair isn’t done. I’m nowhere near where I want to be in life but I’m starting to dress like I am. I’m not married yet but I set the table like I am. I didn’t want to be a blogger but I am and I think I’m doing pretty good for someone that’s literally learning as I go. The consistency could be better but I’m busy these days. The book has been getting all my attention lately because my favorite person knows about it and if he finds out I haven’t been writing I will not hear the end of it. Moral of the story, invest in you!! You don’t need Thousands of dollars to do this. Your self investment can be as simple as you reading one book every month, taking yourself on dates even if it’s in the house. Cook your favorite meal, put it on your good plate, you know the one you only take out for special occasions? With you good glass. Pour your favorite drink, whatever it may be and enjoy!! You want to be a dancer but don’t have the money to pay for dance lessons!! YouTube University. It’s the best school I’ve ever been to. I’m currently taking classes on learning how to play the keyboard and so far my professors are wonderful. I learned a song in my first week. I’m not joking. The bonus for me is if I don’t understand something I can always ask my favorite person who just so happens to play and he’ll help me. I’ll leave a video below so you can see him as well as his new song. (I hope it gets stuck in your head as much as it gets stuck in mine 🤪) But if you don’t have anyone that will help you that’s ok. Keep trying, don’t give up!! It doesn’t matter how many times you may have to stop, start, pause and rewind just keep going!! Yes it can become annoying and frustrating, you may even cry but in the end it’ll all be worth it. Start living the life you dream of now, even if you’re circumstances say otherwise. I believe the first step is changing your mindset. I believe if you can see it you can achieve it. You don’t need a bunch of people cheering you on. Sometimes you may have to walk alone for a season or two but pray and ask God for like minded people. He will send them. I don’t care whether it’s five people or one person. Learn to appreciate just being in their presence. Laugh, cry if you need to but most importantly grow together. One thing he always tells me is “Block out all negativity, don’t listen to The naysayers no matter who they are. Focus on loving yourself because self love is the best love.” This isn’t an overnight thing, it’s a journey. It’s like baby steps, you will fall sometimes but get back up.


Remember each of our journeys are different don’t let anyone discourage you on yours!!! God can and will use people from all walks of life to help each other🤝 

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What I’ve Learned About Blogging From Blogging

I started this blog back in June but haven’t really been consistent until now. Why?? I became discouraged, lacked motivation or just didn’t feel like working on a post. This year however I’ve decided to work on changing my attitude and work a little harder, showing some TLC. Some people say a blog is like a child but I say it’s like a spouse. You can’t expect your relationship to grow if you don’t meet your partner halfway right?? You can’t expect him or her to love you The way you need and desire but not do the same for them. Well, it’s the same thing with my blog. I get discourage because it’s harder than I thought or at the time no one was reading it but I would see other people who started around the same time I did with hundreds maybe even thousands of followers and compare myself. (Without even knowing their story)Wondering what are they doing that I am not. I even gave up a few times before this one because I felt I wasn’t good enough or like maybe this wasn’t what I am supposed to be doing. That was a lie from the pit of hell and I refuse to let this time, the third time turn out like the last two. So here I am my third time around, Two months of consistency with some things I’ve learned

1. Stop comparing yourself!!

Don’t compare yourself– I know it’s easier said than done but stop!! Comparison is the thief of joy. It is the work of the devil. Don’t believe me?? What is his number one job?? To kill steel and destroy. One of the ways he does this is by getting us to compare ourselves to others, if not in all many situations. By doing this we talk ourselves out of things, we belittle ourselves and we just ignore what God himself says about us and to us which is that he has an individual plan for each one of us. We can do all things through him as long as it lines up with his will. And if he promises something he will give it, not on our time though.

2. You learn as you go

When you first start blogging you most likely won’t know what you are doing, especially if you are new like I am. Coming into this I thought all I had to do was write because that’s essentially what I was told by non-bloggers and that’s pretty much what I assumed but the truth is it’s so much more than that. In another post I will share some things I wish I knew before embarking on this journey but what I will say is. If you want to take this serious someday do your research, just to be prepared for some of the trials and tribulations that will come your way.

3. Don’t be so hard on yourself

Blogging is not easy especially as a beginner. Trying to build your audience takes time. Be patient it’ll happen. If you feel yourself getting down because you’ve posted and did what felt like hours of endless promotion on all platforms and no one seems to care it’s OKAY….this doesn’t mean your writing isn’t good, maybe they weren’t meant for you and THATS OKAY!! Not everyone is gonna like you. But no matter what always remember to be your true authentic self. Those that are meant for you will eventually find their way. In the mean time in between time enjoy yourself, explore new topics to write about and just have fun.

4. Do it because you love it

Do it because you love it, I can’t reiterate this enough!! I’ve read stories of people who started a blog just for money. Some where successful in two months or less others took years. While I do hope to make money from Blogging someday it is not my main focus. I genuinely want to build a relationship with my followers, challenge their thinking and most importantly plant seeds of Christ. I’m not gonna lie I have my days where I wanna quit AGAIN because it’s hard but I think about all the lives I can help change whether it’s by Sharing my faith or making someone laugh with something I said in my many rants to come. Or simply just helping people see that they’re not alone. I will never be extremely vulnerable on here or any other platform because I’m a firm believer in keeping my life as private as possible. However if Jesus tells me to speak on something personal I will try my best to be very transparent because I believe that true transparency is the key to someone else’s freedom.

Well, that’s it for now with things I’ve learned About Blogging While Blogging. I hope this helps my fellow bloggers. No matter if you’re new to this or have been at it for a while remember to just have fun whether it’s for work or just for personal reasons have fun! Life is already stressful as it is why add more if we don’t need to??

Remember each of our journeys are different don’t let anyone discourage you on yours!!! God can and will use people from all walks of life to help each other🤝

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Be careful (RANT)

As some of you may know I’m kinda, sorta still a baby in Christ. In fact this month is the month I accepted Christ 4years ago. A lot of things have happened since then. I’ve seen tremendous amount of growth within myself from day one but nothing like this past year and what’s happening currently. I’m going from this shy, lukewarm Christian to a Christian that calls a spade a spade it’s quite amusing if you ask me lol. It’s like One week I gain followers because of it and the the next I loose some because of it. Too bad my faith is in Christ and not IG/Twitter followers ✝️💪🏽 but speaking on calling A spade a spade let’s get to today’s post. Today if you don’t mind I’d like to go on a rant, The first of many to come because boy am I a thinker lol. Anyway today’s rant is about the church and how if we are not careful we can push others away from Jesus. Before I began I’d like to reiterate that I myself am new to the faith. I’m not writing this to judge others or say that I’m better than anyone because lord knows I’m not. Instead I’m here to talk about my personal experience with questioning if I really wanted to walk this walk.

I didn’t grow up in church but I didn’t grow up not knowing there is a God who had a son that we were supposed to pray to. I knew we weren’t supposed to question him and the adults couldn’t curse on Sundays because that’s his day. They never made it through one Sunday without cursing ever. I knew we couldn’t lie because he hates that. I knew God hates sin and we shouldn’t purposely do it. People told me all the things I couldn’t do but they never told me about temptation and just how real it is. Example: Growing up we are told that same-sex attraction is wrong but they never tell you what to do if you struggle with it. If they do they say things like “pray it away.” Now I personally never dealt with same sex attraction but I did however struggle with Porn, lust and I still struggle with anger. Coming to Christ I thought all my issues, struggles and pain would go away but what happens if they don’t? What happens if you’re 2years in your walk and you can’t shake the pornography? You’ve tried praying but it seems God doesn’t hear you. You’ve thought about confessing but you’re ashamed. You’ve tried just quitting cold turkey but that doesn’t work because something in your mind says you need it NOW. What do you do when you finally feel comfortable to confess to someone who’s supposed to be a sibling in Christ and they just judge you telling you to repent and ask for forgiveness because God doesn’t like that? As if you don’t already know this. 🙄 I was there and believe me when I tell you it’s not an easy place to be. Luckily when I decided to tell this person my relationship with Christ was sturdy enough. But not everyone’s is and if you’re not careful that one wrong thing you say can send them running. I didn’t run but I did feel discouraged, sad and like there was no use in even trying. Today I’m sooo proud to say I’m completely free from my addiction and have been for 2years!! What would’ve happened if I’d let his words get to me? He didn’t know I cried every day begging God to take it away. I strongly, wholeheartedly Believe in holding people accountable and calling them out on their sin but I believe it’s Important to meet them where they are in their faith. Isn’t the church supposed to be a hospital for the broken? I don’t know about you but I believe in building people up not tearing them down. Someone may read this and say “Well, the truth hurts.” You’re right but I believe it has a lot to do with a persons delivery. Believe it or not you can tell the truth in love.

To the newborn Christians. Welcome to the family!! I’m sooo proud of you for taking this step!! Now it won’t be easy but it’s worth it. You’re friends and family may leave you or tell you that you think you’re better than them. You may have Super religious Christian in one ear and lukewarm in the other. Even some nonbelievers but always…
Remember it’s about relationship neach of our journeys are different don’t let anyone discourage you on yours!!! God can and will use people from all walks of life to help each other🤝

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How blogging has change my life in just two months

My blog would’ve turned 1 years old this month had it not been for my mess up but believe it or not I’m actually happy that it happened. Don’t get me wrong in the moment I was extremely annoyed and frustrated and to be honest a part of me wanted to cry. Because unlike the first one I put in effort, I actually had followers. A small amount but some is better than none right?? The thing is Jesus was nowhere in it. I literally came into this with the wrong mindset and heart. I came into this looking to just make money. I wasn’t worried about planting seeds of Christ in people or sharing the gospel. I came into this selfish, blind and greedy. I knew absolutely nothing about what it takes to be a real blogger. Nothing about the time it takes to write post and the promotion part, boy the promotion. Trying to get yourself out there is a whole other story and something I think should be talked about more because babyyy if you’re not careful this thing could take a toll on you. We can talk about my experience with that another time because today I wanna talk about how being consistent with blogging over these past 2 months has changed my life. Blogging isn’t something I ever dreamed of, ever. In fact when I was in high school a teacher of mine wanted me to start one sooo bad. I’m not joking. Literally every morning when I can into her class before even saying good morning she’d ask “Did you start that blog yet??” She would always tell me I have a lot to say and I could help a lot of people by sharing my story. Of course I brushed her off thinking she lost her mind. I knew what my calling was but I didn’t wanna do it. I didn’t wanna be vulnerable, I didn’t wanna share my struggles because no one needs to know my business. Here I am 7 years later wishing I listened. Not only would I have more followers but more souls could’ve been touched. I wasn’t living for Christ yet but at least one person could know that they aren’t alone, you know? Since starting this blog I’ve met all types of people. Annoying people that have nothing better to do with themselves so they comment under your picture or tweet saying something Irrelevant to anything or just flat out stupid. Then you got those people who mean well but you can do without their feedback. Then you got the really amazing supportive people who you feel like you’ve known forever and you haven’t even met They encourage, motivate and even hold you accountable if you let them. I enjoy almost every bit of it. Y’all know I struggle with people who think they can just say whatever and get away with it but the lord is working on me and I’ve been doing an amazing job ignoring them(yayyy me)🤣🤣 My favorite part about this whole experience though is the people who tell me thank you. I’ve had two people with family members who have/had disabilities and tell me that my story hits home for them in some kind of way. It’s refreshing!! It’s like you know you’re not alone but sometimes, a lot of times you fee like you are. You know what I mean?

Since starting this blog my purpose has become clearer to me. I now see why I was born like this. I see why I went through the things I’ve gone through. I see why it’s sooo important to share your story and I’m so excited to finish my book so you all can see where Jesus has brought me from!!!🙌🏽😍✝️🦋🙈🙏🏽

Remember each of our journeys are different don’t let anyone discourage you on yours!!! God can and will use people from all walks of life to help each other🤝

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5 Things You Should Know About People With Disabilities

As most of you know I was born with a disability. For those of you that don’t, yes I was born with a disability. I don’t wanna give to much away because I’m writing a book where I’ll be discussing the name, how I got it ect. I believe everything happens for a reason and God is in control so yes I believe God himself purposely gave me this disability. You’ll have to read the book to find out why I say that and how exactly did I get to this mindset. It was quite the roller coaster if I don’t say so myself. One that I thought I’d never get off to be honest. But here I am 26 years later doing things I never thought I would. Seriously, if you would have told me I’d have a blog or be writing a book I would’ve looked at you like you lost you mind because who’s putting their life out for the public?? Not me… so I thought. Anyway let’s get to the post.

Let me just start by saying this post isn’t to condemn, shame or bash anyone but to do the exact opposite. I truly hope this post Will help change the perspective you have when it comes to People in wheelchairs or with disabilities in general.

1. We are human just like you

I understand that the person with the disability may be the first person you’ve ever met like this but please understand that again, we are human just like you. We eat, cry, laugh, poop and pee just like you.

2. Stop Telling Me That I’m pretty for a girl in a wheelchair:

Having to use a wheelchair for the majority of my life I’ve learned how to ignore People and their ignorant comments. For the most part that is, I’d be lying though if I said that there aren’t some that just irritate me. I AM NOT PRETTY FOR A GIRL IN A WHEELCHAIR, I AM A PRETTY GIRL WHO HAPPENS TO BE IN A WHEELCHAIR. My chair has absolutely nothing to do with my face. Neither does the actual disability. But even if it did it still has nothing to do with the chair. So please stop, I know you think it’s a complement but I promise you it isn’t

3. Ask questions if you have any

Quit staring it’s not polite!! If you have a question just ask. It honestly blows my mind how adults stare more than children. Like seriously y’all be 40+ Breaking your neck just to stare. Then when I speak saying Hi or asking can I help you you’re in a state of shock. Just ask a question if you have one.

4. Just because I’m disabled doesn’t mean my boyfriend/ husband has to be!!

Another thing that irritates me is the assumption that people with disabilities are only supposed to be attracted to other people with disabilities. I just have one question, who came up with this and why do y’all all believe it? If I want to date a Christian Keyes or a Morris Chestnut I’ll do that. It doesn’t matter as long as God approves. I bet you’d be surprised to know that most people in chairs prefer to date the opposite. We can choose to date whoever we want, how we want, when we want that’s our business.

5. Don’t ask stupid questions!!

I know, I know I just told you to ask questions if you have any and I really do want you too. I’d love to have a genuine conversation but don’t ask dumb questions. An example of a dumb question is “ How are you going to love him in that chair?” Or how do you like him? He can walk and you can’t.” First off I want to personally thank you for bringing my own disability to my attention. Seriously thank you for telling me because some mornings I do forget. Secondly now that you reminded me I want you to know that again I am human. Most humans have feelings I happen to be one of them. Sorry to break it to you but the chair has nothing to do with those. So to answer your question I’ll love him just as the Bible says I should.

Again this post isn’t to bash anyone. Over the years and through personal encounters with many of you guys, I’ve realized that The majority of you are unaware of your ignorance. Most of you don’t even realize that some of the things you say or do can be very offensive but I sincerely hope this helps educate as well as changes your perspective when you see us!!

Remember each of our journeys are different don’t let anyone discourage you on yours!!! God can and will use people from all walks of life to help each other🤝

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Run to the Father (Thrive. A 14-Day Devotional) Day 6


Where do you find satisfaction when you’re lonely? Where do you turn when you can’t stand another day of living all by yourself? Some turn to food for comfort. Others binge on Netflix. Some of us even try to fill the hole in our soul with spiritual activity. We join yet another Small Group and hope that by staying busy we’ll forget about our loneliness. But if you’re looking for answers for your loneliness, it’s time to stop trying to numb yourself or feed yourself or fend for yourself. While loneliness is painful, God’s presence is your only hope for healing. He’s the answer that will fill the hole in your soul when you find yourself alone. He’s always closer than you think and He’ll never let you down. He’s promised to never leave you nor forsake you and He’s just a whisper away. Instead of running from your loneliness, why not start seeing in your loneliness an invitation into God’s presence? You’ll find him far better than you ever imagined Him to be. He’s the rock you can always run to.


What do you do when you’re lonely? Where do you turn for comfort? Can you think about the times you’re most prone to loneliness and make a plan to turn to God’s word during those times instead?

New Year, New Mindset!!

Ok so I’m pretty sure we’re all familiar with the saying “New Year, new me.” It’s everybody’s thing from about December to mid February. Everyone around you or maybe even you yourself is talking about all the things you’re going to change once the ball drops but a week or two in your still doing everything you said you weren’t. I know things don’t happen overnight but you’re not even trying to change. Your still gossiping about others you claim to not like. Your attitude is still horrible, you’re mean to everyone for no reason, the list goes on. I’m sooo happy and proud to say I’ve never been that girl. New Year’s resolutions was never my thing in fact I always hated when I was younger and my family would make me set them because I just always felt they were stupid. Yes I have things I want to accomplish but I don’t wait for the ball to drop. If I really want to do or change something I start working towards it today. It could be August that I think of something, I’m not waiting until January 1st to start whatever it is. This is not a post to bash anyone at all if New Year’s resolutions work for you then continue. For me, they don’t. If I’m honest they always caused me to be extremely hard on myself especially when I didn’t meet them by the time that year was finished. If you’ve read my blog you know that something I’ve always struggled with is confidence. Now I’ve only talked about how growing up with a disability affected the way I so myself meaning always thinking I was ugly but I haven’t shared the affect it had on me mentally. Growing up I was always told I couldn’t do something because I’m in a chair and even though I often did what other said I couldn’t over the years I developed this toxic, untrue mindset. When something was too hard I’d tell myself I can’t do it. For sooo long …too long I allowed other people and my wheelchair to hold me back but if 2020 taught me one thing it was that I can do ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST and who he crated me to be. 2021 I’m showing out because Jesus said I’m beautifully and wonderfully made. 2020 was an amazing year for me but it ain’t got nothing on 2021. I’m going places!!!!! Even if I gotta leave the chair behind ✌🏽🤷🏽‍♀️🙏🏽✝️.

Remember each of our journeys are different don’t let anyone discourage you on yours!!! God can and will use people from all walks of life to help each other🤝

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God had other plans (Thrive. A 14-Day Devotional Day 5)


If I’m being honest, I would have to admit that never in my life did I imagine I would write a book about singleness let alone have a daily radio spot for singles. Deep down I suppose I expected I’d be married someday – eventually. The last thing I wanted was to be a card-carrying leader of the “singles for life” club. Yet here I am today doing what I’m doing and loving every minute of it. Expectations can be devastating if you don’t watch out. Maybe you never imagined your life to be what it is today. You thought things would turn out differently. You assumed you’d be married, have kids, get the dog. You get the gist. As you look at your life, you admit that you didn’t see it coming. When our expectations don’t match our reality, the result can be painful. Sometimes our hope in the Lord might even falter. In Psalm 62:5 David teaches us how to best deal with unfulfilled expectations. Here’s what he concluded: “My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him”. David knew that it is only when we learn to put our expectations in God alone that we will find true and lasting joy. David understood that the only way to thrive is to put all of our eggs in the basket of our good, good Father. Today, are you willing to try?


As you consider your life, what did you expect it to look like by now? Take some time and pour your heart to the Lord over your unfulfilled expectations.

Surrender All Things (Thrive. A 14-Day Devotional) Day 4)

Happy new year!!! Wow it’s 2021…we made it. I’m proud of us lol😁😁I know most of the world would prefer to skip 2020 and act like it never existed. I completely understand why they feel this way. COVID/ quarantine was a life changer for us all. It’s what we do in and what we take away from these unexpected life changes that make us or break us. Quarantine has changed my life for the better. Yes in the beginning I was losing my mind literally but this experience has done nothing but force me to strengthen my relationship with God and surrender things to him that I never knew I needed to surrender like my sexuality. Many People assume that this is something only a homosexual has to do but I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong. I won’t get into it now because the lord is still revealing things to me on this topic as well as dealing with me on this topic in my personal life. So when he is finished and says it is time I will share but for now, I hope you are enjoying this devotional and other blog post. I’ve talked enough. Stayed toon, I have so many post planned for 2021. I’m excited to just try to be consistent this year lol. Here’s day 4 of the devotional

Self Control

It’s been over 50 years since the sexual revolution of the 60s, and one thing is for sure: anything goes when it comes to our generation’s perspective on human sexuality. “If it feels good, do it” is no longer anyone’s mantra because it’s a given. Even within the church people’s perspective on sexuality seems to have taken a life of its own. One statistic reports over 60% of single Christians are sexually active. If you’ve read God’s point of view on sexuality, then you should be scratching your head in wonder. How could that be? It’s actually not as complicated as you might imagine. When push comes to shove, the heart of the issue is what’s at the heart of the matter. Who gets to decide what’s right for you? Do you make your own choices or are you yielded to the Holy Spirit every step of the way? Will you give your sexuality over to your hormones or will you dedicate this part of your life to the God who created your sex drive? In 1 Corinthians 6, Paul reminds us that as followers of Jesus Christ, we’ve been bought with a price. We’re no longer our own. But it all boils down to surrender. Who’s in control of your body? Are you calling the shots or is God in control of your life? There’s so much at stake here, especially when it comes to your sexuality?


What specific areas of your sexuality do you need to surrender to the Lord? What are some practical steps you need to take to give God control of your body?

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