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Hello November

I can’t believe it’s already November!! WOW I don’t know about you but I personally feel like it was the 1st of January just yesterday then BOOM the entire world shut down talk about a year to remember. Anyways how are you guys?? I know I haven’t been consistent these past two months but I plan to change that this month. The thing is I’m not a scheduled type of blogger, I’m more of a post when and if I have something to say that I feel is worth sharing you know?? God has been doing some awesome amazing things in my life so we’ll see if he allows me to share. If not…well it sucks to be you I guess lol 😂 just kidding but here’s some things I’ve been up to since I last posted.

I had a Birthday 🎂 yes you read that right last month I celebrated another birthday thanks to the man up above Jesus Christ!!! I really love that man, our relationship has grown so much since I started reading devotionals back in July. I’m learning how to trust him, learning how to come to him first in difficult situations. You know the times where you just wanna slap the shit out of somebody and pray later?? Yeah those.

I’m learning how to let things go✌🏽 I’ve never been one to hold grudges, however as you guys know I do struggle with anger and have a really bad temper so when I say I’m learning to let things go I mean I’m learning what’s worth my time and energy. (Not everything/ everyone deserves a response) sometimes that may even include your own family members. It’s not easy but my main focus is the Lord, his kingdom and the part I play in it.

The book is almost finished!🙀 Only a few more chapters!!!…Guys I am soooo nervous at just the thought of my book being complete!! I’m an introvert and I like to keep my business to myself especially if I don’t know you. Even if I do I’m still extremely cautious with what I share with certain people (Not everyone can be trusted) I’m an open book to a certain extent. At the same time I struggle with vulnerability because that means I have to express my emotions which if I’m honest I don’t know how to do because for years anger controlled my whole life. Between you and me I’m mad at God for calling me to be an author because knowing him he’ll make it blow up which will lead to me doing speaking engagements and I’m still insecure about the way I sound when I speak do to being teased about it growing up because of my disability. But hey look at Moses right?? On top of that I have stage fright.

I found a new church 😁 I am so excited that I found a new church!! A real church!! I came to the faith almost 4 years ago and I unknowingly was watching false teachers like Steven Furtick and other mega church leaders. Everything was me Centered and not Christ centered. My new church though!! This church is the real deal!! I get convicted. I know some people reading this are probably saying to themselves why would you be happy about getting convicted?? Let me tell you it isn’t because i like the feeling because believe me when I say it’s definitely not a good feeling. For me however it shows me that my attitude is changing meaning I’m beginning to Recognize why my heart is harden and I actually want to fix it. The scary thing is this church is in Orlando Florida so I attend online, the bishop is a profit that has absolutely no idea who I am. Yet every service he’s speaking directly to me. It’s wild but I know it’s only God trying to get through to me!!!

I’m preparing for my husband👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨💍Yes you’ve read that right. Me the “I’m NEVER GETTING MARRIED” Girl is preparing for a husband. Marriage is something I NEVER wanted for myself but God…

Last year he randomly told me to write to my baby 😂 I’m not consistent at all but I now pray for him constantly, daily and sometimes multiple times a day. I must be sick 😂😂😂

Remember each of our journeys are different don’t let anyone discourage you on yours!

If my post help you in any way feel free to dm me and share and remember god loves us so much that he sacrificed his only son

5 thoughts on “Hello November

    1. I’m sooo sorry I’m just now seeing this. Thank you for the support and encouragement it really means a lot especially because I struggling ridiculously to read the Bible smh😒


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