If I could interview anyone from the Bible

I watched a movie about a year ago called “An Interview with God ” on Netflix. The movie is pretty self-explanatory it’s about a journalist (Paul) who finds himself questioning his faith win his marriage is on the rocks and life just seems to send him blow after blow. God gives Paul a shot at 3 interviews, each of them an hour long to ask whatever questions he wants. As a somewhat baby in Christ this movie both intrigued and confused me. It intrigued me from the title itself “ An interview with God” I’m thinking owww this is interesting. I wonder if this guy has some of the same questions, struggles and doubts I have?” Turns out he did. In fact he asks questions I’ve never even thought about. However it confused me because in the God didn’t answer most of the questions instead he flipped the interviews and began interviewing Paul or giving such broad answers to challenge his thinking much like he does in real life….well at least in my life. Talk about being frustrated like just give me an answer sir Geeeez🤦🏽‍♀️ A sign letting me know I’m on the right path…something 😂 It got me thinking though. If I could interview any characters in the Bible who would they be and why!🤔 so in no particular order here are my picks

1. Jesus of course

2. Ruth

3. David before and after he was King

4. Naomi

5. Jezebel

6. Adam and eve of Course I have such a bone to pick with them!! If only y’all knew lol

7. Mephibosheth

8. Joseph

9. Hannah

10. The devil I know, I know this one messed you up. You’re probably asking yourself who in their right mind want to interview satan?? I’m not crazy, I promise there’s a reason which I’ll explain when I write their individual blog posts.

11. Jessie

12. Sarah

13. Abraham

14. Hagar

15. Marry (JESUS MOTHER )

As l learn the Bible more I’m pretty sure more people will me added but for now let’s start with these.

Remember each of our journeys are different don’t let anyone discourage you on yours!

If my post help you in any way feel free to dm me and share and remember god loves us so much that he sacrificed his only son✝️

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